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Connectivity   my user profile   data transfer  
  all questions concerning your user profile access, management and security.
can i get higher access level?
i forgot my password!
cannot signon (general) (shown below)
i cannot run CRTLIB or other commands

If you have other signon issues (no connectivity or password errors), please keep the following in mind before you change your user profile:
You can change your user profile (in some limited way) with the CHGPRF command. You can set a new initial program (parameter INLPGM) or initial menu (parameter INLMNU), but you must make sure this program or menu does exist! Keep a second session logged in, change your profile and test. If the test fails, use the second session to review your settings. Please keep in mind we cannot take care within minutes if you locked out your profile. We are working on an automated process to reinitialize your logon profile, please stay tuned...

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