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  all questions concerning your user profile access, management and security.
can i get higher access level?
i forgot my password! (shown below)
cannot signon (general)
i cannot run CRTLIB or other commands

If you forgot your password (the system tells you your password is wrong or you cannot login), please use the "reset password" function on the main page. You will receive an email with a link you must click to confirm your email address. Then you will receive a second email with a new password. If you do not get an email or an error message in the "reset password" function, please send us an email to with a copy of the screen of the message. Please do not forget to state your user name! If your password is correct but you cannot logon due to other reasons (maybe you changed your initial menu or start program without checking if the name is correct, please also drop us a note. State your user name and the exact problem you have. Please be patient, we receive a lot of requests and PUB400.COM is just a hobby...

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