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How to save to a save file (shown below)
How to transfer save files

If you want to have a backup of some objects or want to transfer a library to your PC, you should (better: must) use a save file. Single source members can be transferred as a text file, but some information will be lost. A save file will keep all needed file/object/library information. Lets assume you have libraries YOURLIB1 and YOURLIB2 and you want to copy contents of YOURLIB1 to your PC.
First we need to create a save file as an empty container to receive the data. As you want to save a full library, the save file must reside in a different library. So we create it in YOURLIB2:
This file is empty and needs to get some contents:
This will copy the contents of library YOURLIB1 into the named device of type *SAVF and name MYSAVE in Library YOURLIB2. This command does have a lot more parameters, just press F4 instead of the ENTER key.
If you only want to save some single objects, you can use the SAVOBJ command, so you can select which objects to save. Use F4 to prompt the command and see all parameters. For example you want to save all program objects with a name beginning with "test":

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