The public IBM i for everyone!

Welcome to PUB400.COM - your public IBM i V7R3 server!

What is PUB400.COM?

  • A free and public Server running IBM i 7.3 for everyone!
  • You can create your own user, you have 250MB of disk storage and two private libraries
  • You can program in CL, RPG, COBOL, train your skills and start learning about the best server system ever :)
  • Create your own programming projects, you can even use node.js or other web technologies
About PUB400:
PUB400 and its predecessor PUB1 have almost 15 years of history in serving access to AS400 and IBM i to the public. Served more than 70.000 Users worldwide as a learning and testing environment to get in touch with the most advanced business operating system "IBM i" (named "AS/400" before).
Nowadays, IBM i is the integrative platform for managing and running bussiness oeriented workload combining legacy software with modern open source techniques. It's just up to you - IBM i will handle it.
(About the name: "PUB400" results from the old "public AS/400", but this system is also reachable as "" and soon with a new, short name)

Please respect some rules using this system:
  • new user profiles can be created again, but we will monitor usage
  • There will be a hard restriction on number of connections from a single IP
  • There will be a hard setting on excluding other users from a users library
  • There will be no backup, and there will be no guarantee that PUB400 is online if you need it.
  • If you need reliable access, high quality service, just visit RZKH.DE
  • PUB400.COM will be a playground. But it will not be a place to make business without the efforts...

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all up and running. Planning for hardware move IBM i 7.4 soon on a weekend. PUB400 will then be offline for about 48h - stay tuned.