How to migrate from PUB1 to PUB400

If you already have a free user account on PUB1, migrating to PUB400 is rather easy. Please follow these steps:

Download save file
Now grab this save file to your PC so you have a local copy:

Now you have a file TESTER1.SAVF on your PC. Do not change the name extension!
Use these steps as a general method to backup your data - the procedure on PUB400 will be the same.

Send to PUB400.COM
Now we need to send this save file to PUB400.

logon to PUB400.COM and verify that your save file has been transferred correctly:

If the transfer is ok, you can delete the save file on PUB1 to save disk space.

Restore data
To load the contents of the save file, we have special commands. They will restore the data into a temporary library so you can grab what you need.

These commands will verify your save file, and restore to a library named TMPxxxxxx so you can copy them into your normal libraries again. You will receive messages about the process.
For example:

Your /home directory in IFS
If you have some objects in your home directory /home/tester we need a second save file and some different restore process. Please note - the following steps will work only if your user name on PUB400 is the same as on PUB1. If you have a different user name, please contact us for your IFS files to be migrated manually.
First we create the save file TESTERX in library TESTER2:

The transfer of your save file TESTERX will be done the same way as written above. To restore your home directory, enter:

You should receive a message like "xx objects restored". If not, please contact support.
Now you're done and should be able to work with your files on PUB400.COM